10 Cute Outfits That Will Up Your Tomboy Game

10 Cute Outfits That Will Up Your Tomboy Game
Published: Apr 16, 2024

The androgynous attitude that permeates tomboy attire is a major trend in street style. Contrary to common belief, dressing in a tomboyish manner or adhering to gender-neutral style does not indicate your sexual orientation or lack of interest in style. It's all about expressing oneself via non-binary, genderqueer, or masculine dress while eschewing traditional feminine apparel. Priyanka Chopra, Kendall Jenner, and Coco Rocha are just a few examples of the celebrities that are adopting the tomboy image. You'll find the cutest and most entertaining tomboy costume ideas in this article. Go ahead and swipe!

What Is the Meaning of Tomboy?

Tomboys are just young women who identify more with activities that are stereotypically associated with boys and men and who exhibit masculine qualities. They could also adopt a more masculine body language and dress in attire that is often associated with guys.

It was used to describe a wild, vivacious, noisy, immodest, or impolite woman in the sixteenth century. It has come to represent ladies with an androgynous sense of style throughout the ages. Nonetheless, some have begun to refer to the phrase as sexist in the twenty-first century. Still, pop culture and art continue to use this stereotype. Some who find the word offensive can refer to a woman's endearing masculine nature that heterosexual feminine women find appealing as a "girl crush" personality.

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How Should a Tomboy Dress?

A naturally unisex design, the tomboy appearance appeals to some individuals more than others. The aim is to combine items that showcase this personality, whether it's your go-to look or a new look you want to attempt.

Opt for strong, sturdy, or rusty accessories rather than delicate, light, or fragile ones.

There are countless tomboy outfits for girls to try, including leather, denim, and bomber jackets; distressed denim; boyfriend or mom jeans; oversized hoodies or sweaters; turtlenecks; sneakers; Converse shoes; combat or ankle-length boots; pantsuits; oversized blazers; flannels; overalls; beanies; bandanas; baseball hats! These are the essentials, but don't be afraid to add more or experiment in any manner that really captures your fierce and fearless personality.

10 Cute Tomboy Outfits

1. Boy Shorts 

The borrowed-it-from-the-boys kind of look exudes the tomboy vibe like nothing else. A pair of athleisure boy shorts, a half-tucked linen shirt, and sneakers is how you paint the town red in the summer.

2. Overalls 

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Are you a fan of camo and suspenders? Sport them both to nail that gender-neutral style. An Iron-Maiden T-shirt to go with the overalls, a half bun, Converse shoes, and hoops can do the job just right. 

3. Frayed Shorts 

Invest in a pair of rugged or frayed shorts. Put your hair up in a bun and throw on a pair of white Superstars or Airmax sneakers!

4. Oversized Shirt And Jacket 

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Shirt dresses – I mean the really long and oversized shirts that are worn as dresses – are really in and fit the tomboy bill perfectly. Pair your tomboy dress with a puffer jacket and boots to complete your look. 


5. Leather Trousers 

Raise the hotness quotient with a pair of leather pants, a tank top, and black sneakers like a boss lady. Add aviators or any sunglasses of your choice to finish off the look.

6. Skinny Jeans With Denim Shirt 

Swing into the feminine side just a little bit with this outfit. Jeans are a signature boyish outfit. Spruce them up a little with white boots and a denim shirt. Smokey eye makeup is your way to go for this look. 

7. Bold Monochromes 

Welcome corduroy into your closet to build a bold monochromatic outfit without moving away from the theme. Combats, Converse sneakers, or Oxfords sit well with this look.

8. Flannels 

Tomboys swear by flannel or plaid. Tie one at the waist, layer it, or go for an oversized one, and you are sorted.

9. Pantsuit 

Pantsuits are bulldozing their way into runways, fashion houses, and clothing lines. Talk about exciting and fun non-binary outfits!

10. Leather Jacket

Leather jackets never fly under the radar when it comes to gender-neutral outfits, and they are here to stay.