Overweight Men's Fashion Advice: Dressing To Impress

Overweight Men's Fashion Advice: Dressing To Impress
Published: Jul 04, 2024

The art of dressing well boils down to the ability to present your unique body type in the most flattering way possible without trying to alter it. That being said, dressing according to body type can be quite a challenge for Overweight Men's Fashion Advice. So we've put together our ten best advice and style tips for big guys so that you can make sure to look your absolute best whenever and wherever. Ready?

15 Tips Overweight Men's Fashion Advice

1. Steer clear of loose-fitting clothes.

Overweight Men's Fashion Advice: Dressing To Impress

If you fall on the larger spectrum, saggy, loose-fitting clothing is generally better to avoid. Choose clothing that accentuates your body's clean and well-defined contour.

2.Wear Works For

Overweight Men's Fashion Advice: Dressing To Impress

Almost everyone looks great in a well-fitting suit; even larger males look great. Make sure you get a suit with good, long-lasting fabric quality that accentuates your body type.


3. Long-sleeved Options

Overweight Men's Fashion Advice: Dressing To Impress

Long-sleeved clothing often slims down your arms; the same is true of long-leg jeans. A long-sleeved dress shirt teamed with blue custom-tailored chinos will accentuate your figure.

4. Stock Up For Suspenders

Overweight Men's Fashion Advice: Dressing To Impress

If at all feasible, wear your pants with suspenders instead of belts—a less-than-perfect accessory for big guys. They not only fix saggy pants, but they also add a great traditional touch to your clothing.

5. Select Dress Shirts Using Spread Collars.

Overweight Men's Fashion Advice: Dressing To Impress

An equally broad collar is the best fit for a broad body type. There are many various spread collars available, so be sure you pick one that accentuates your unique style as well as your body type.

6. Style With Wide Accessorizing Ability

Overweight Men's Fashion Advice: Dressing To Impress

For large guys, especially, dressing proportionately is always crucial. Matching larger accessories to your body type can help you dress proportionately while also highlighting certain powerful things.


7. Wear A Dress Shirt Untucked.

Overweight Men's Fashion Advice: Dressing To Impress

Wearing your dress shirt untucked can help you to de-emphasize your waistline and draw less attention to it, so it's a beneficial idea anywhere you may wear them.

8. Choose Custom-tailored Whenever At All Feasible.

Overweight Men's Fashion Advice: Dressing To Impress

Wearing custom-tailored dress shirts, slacks, or suits can always help you seem absolutely perfect. Since the garment will always accentuate your body type in the most pleasing manner, you will never have to worry if it will look great on you.

9. The Better Thicker Fibr

Overweight Men's Fashion Advice: Dressing To Impress

When selecting which dress shirts to purchase, Oxford fabrics, twill textiles, and flannel fabrics are excellent materials from which to start. Bigger guys would be best suited for dress shirts in heavier materials, as they drape the body in a pleasing manner.

10. Wear Solid Neutrals

Overweight Men's Fashion Advice: Dressing To Impress

Black, gray, brown, and white solid neutrals are where it's at, and hues you should absolutely retain in your wardrobe if you're a larger guy since they accentuate your body type nicely. Do you like vivid colors? Put them in your accessories; a neutral ensemble looks excellent with a vividly colored pocket square or tie.

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11. Stay With Medium-rise, Straight-leg Jeans Free Of Pleats.

Overweight Men's Fashion Advice: Dressing To Impress

Pants with straight legs might help to balance your waist, stomach, and leg measurements. If you have a wider stomach but smaller legs, pants that are as broad at the bottom as at the thigh are excellent. Though you normally don't want to go with full-on bell bottoms (unless that's your thing! ), boot-cut trousers with a subdued flare at the ankle might also work.

Wider thighs and narrower ankles on tapered jeans—such as slim jeans—can accentuate your stomach and make your legs seem disproportionately tiny.
Since pleats add bulk, pick flat-front trousers.
Also, try longer hemlines, especially if you're shorter. They can help your body stretch itself.

12. Check That Your Shorts Don't Run Beyond Your Knees.

Overweight Men's Fashion Advice: Dressing To Impress

If you're wearing shorts, they should fit snugly and fall exactly at knee level. Your lower legs might seem little and out of proportion if your shorts are overly long and fall midway down your shins. Your waistline would then seem to be more expansive.

When you have more to adore, remembering your ratios is essential. The rest of your body will seem bigger if your legs seem abnormally small.

13. Add Structure To Your Outfits With Large Lapels On 3-button Blazers.

Overweight Men's Fashion Advice: Dressing To Impress

Blazers are an excellent way to accentuate your body form and finish your appearance. Search for coats with three buttons and squared shoulders to help elongate your figure.

Leave the blazer's center button unbuttoned. Although you would like to have squared shoulders, keep in mind that you should avoid using a shoulder pad. With padded shoulders, one can add more weight.
Avoid narrow lapels on coats, as they will appear out of balance and elongate you.

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14. Use Darker Colors, But Avoid Always Dressing In Black.

Overweight Men's Fashion Advice: Dressing To Impress

Your pals have solid, deeper tones! Among the slimming hues are navy, gun metal, deep green, dark brown, and black. On the other side, lighter hues could accentuate size.

Although darker tones are slimming, that does not imply your clothing should be bland and dull. Change your wardrobe to include deeper tones of every hue instead of always dressing in all black to add intrigue.

15. Replace Crowded Designs With Neutral Solids.

Overweight Men's Fashion Advice: Dressing To Impress

Generally speaking, try to steer clear of tight plaid, tiny checkers, and anything featuring obvious horizontal stripes. Bold, busy-design shirts can accent your belly and increase your size.


Remember that fashion is your friend—a silent companion in your quest of self-expression—as the sun sets on this phase of direction. Every man, regardless of size, has the right to shine brilliantly, to stand tall, and to walk with unflinching pride in the realm of fashion; let your wardrobe be a refuge where you find the capacity to be utterly you. 

FAQs Overweight Men's Fashion Advice

What clothes look good on overweight guys?

Black, gray, brown, white; solid neutrals are fashionable, and if you're a larger guy, you should absolutely have them in your wardrobe since they look great on your body type. Do you like vivid colors? Utilize them for accessories; a tie or pocket square in a vibrant hue complements a monochromatic ensemble well.

How to look stylish when overweight?

  1. Give your body, psyche and wardrobe a boost.
  2. Dress to elongate your body.
  3. Show off your shape.
  4. Define your waist.
  5. Or wear dresses and tunics that flow.
  6. Work with your personal proportions.

How to dress a man with a large belly?

Choose the slightly too broad or, worse, the slightly too tight size; these options will not work. Don't settle for less. Wearing clothing under strain is not recommended for optimal fit, particularly around zippers, buttons, and seams. Unwanted creases from tension might make you appear firmer.

How to style a plus-size male?

Simple clothes are best for guys who are bigger than average. Most of the time, neutrals and darker colors look best.Simple patterns are best, and lines should always be straight and thin. Adding busy patterns and bright colors isn't necessary for plus-size guys because they already stand out.

Can a chubby guy be attractive?

What the science says is as follows. Things are becoming better for straight-up obese, overweight, and husky guys: A increasing amount of data indicates that larger guys who err on the side of overweight are more attractive to women. And it's not simply that they find obese guys attractive or humorous.

How to look attractive when overweight men?

Since your waist is most likely the biggest region of your body, wear accessories at either end rather in the middle. Steer clear of belts with large buckles or ones that contrast.
If you're larger in this region, as most guys who are larger will be, wear darker colors, particularly on top.